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Approval Rate for US Visas

All Types of US Visas

US Temporary Work Visas

  • J1 Visa – Cultural / Educational Exchange
  • L1 Visa – Intra-Company Transfer
  • O1 Visa – Extraordinary Ability
  • P1 Visa – Athlete / Entertainer / Coach
  • P3 Visa – Artists / Entertainers
  • R1 Visa – Religious Worker
  • TN Visa – NAFTA Professional (Canada / Mexico)

US Permanent Residency Work Visas (Green Cards)

US Family Visas (temporary / non-immigrant)

  • K1 Visa – Fiancé visa, seeking to enter the U.S. to get married
  • K2 Visa – Children of K-1 visa holder
  • K3 Visa – Spouse of U.S. citizen awaiting an immigrant (permanent) visa
  • K4 Visa – Children of K-3 visa holder

US Permanent Residence Family Visas (Green Cards)

  • Green Cards for Immediate Family Members of U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Family Preference Green Cards — for non-immediate family members

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