P-3 Visa

The P3 visa is described as applying to “Artists or Entertainers In Culturally Unique Program”. This is a non-resident US visa for artists or entertainers coming into the Unites States to…

  • Participate or to perform in a culturally unique program.
  • Represent, teach, or coach in cultural, musical, ethnic, folk, artistic, or theatrical arts
  • or to act as support personnel to P3 holders.

P3 Visa Details

  1. Commercial permitted: The cultural program may be either commercial or non-commercial in nature. A visa holder is allowed to be paid.
  2. Level of expertise: The P3 visa does not require as high a standard as the P1 (athletes/entertainers) visa, but level of performance should be comparable to U.S.-based performers.
  3. Duration: A period required to complete the program or event up to 1 year maximum.
  4. Extensions: P3 visas may be extended in increments of  one year to cover the same event or activity for which the original P3 visa was granted.
  5. Study: Holder may undertake study on a part-time basis.
  6. Travel: Holder is free to travel within and outside the U.S. while the visa is valid.
  7. Dependents: Spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 may accompany or visit.
    • This will require a P4 visa application.
    • Note, that the P4 visa does not permit the holder to work.
  8. Green Card: P3 holders may apply for an Adjustment of Status and seek permanent residency.
    • The permanent residency option does not extend to support personnel.

Attorney Tips for P3 Visa Applications

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