How OnlineVisas has revolutionized visa services,
helping thousands of people visit or move to the USA

A New Approach to Immigration Law

Since 2000, OnlineVisas has offered an alternative way of accessing immigration visa services, mainly for companies and individuals seeking visitor or immigrant visas for the United States.

Unlike some other immigration attorneys, OnlineVisas has always placed the client first and gone further to secure the right result. That's why we offer low-cost strategy sessions. There are usually several factors that influence what visa to apply for, and taking the wrong course of action could result in extra costs or disappointment. So we want to do everything we can to help every client, whether an individual seeking a family visa or a multinational corporation, to start off with the best advice.

CEO and founder Jon Velie, who has practiced law since 1993, spent several years designing a better way to present visa petitions. Where many attorneys will simply submit the basic forms to USCIS, Jon's insight was to treat immigration petitions more like other legal cases, so he designed a comprehensive legal brief to be submitted along with the other required documentation. These briefs set out a complete legal argument why the authorities should grant the visa application, and they have proven extremely successful, outperforming the market year on year (with average approval rates as high as 94%).

See below for example of what makes up a typical document package.

In 2016, we started to develop a brand new platform, OnlineVisas Gateway, which takes Jon's proven methods to another level. Gateway is an online collaboration platform, allowing stakeholders on cases to complete the required information at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Next, with the click of a mouse, the app will automatically generate not just the USCIS forms, but the full document pack, including professionally-designed brief plus all other letters and documents that may be required to assure compliance. All this now happens in moments, saving hours of time and cutting costs.

All our clients will use Gateway, and it is also available on request for corporate clients to use either as a hosted or in-house immigration tool.

Example of Typical Document Package
(H-1B Visa Petition)

Comprehensive Brief

Featuring a dynamic, branded color cover and 15-30 page magazine-style document that addresses all the issues USCIS commonly raises in Requests for Evidence regarding new memorandum and policy changes. Subjects will vary depending on visa type, but might include, for example...

  • Specialty Occupations
  • Level One Wages
  • Labor Condition Application Issues
  • Employer-Employee relationship
  • Third Party Placements
  • Right to Control

Supporting Documents

We will also cite legal authority, experts and language in documents which we can evaluate, revise or draft including:

Offers of Employment with appropriate job titles, duties, terms and salaries

Employment Agreements

Performance Evaluations that indicate oversight and right to control 

Employee Handbook indicating right to control and supervisory issues

Itinerary indicating duties, term & right to control

Statements of Work indicating scope of work, parties, duties, terms, right to control 

Master Services Agreements indicating relationships with clients and vendors

Organizational Charts indicating hierarchy of company and supervisory positions 

Expert and industry letters discussing positions, requirements, standards of employment and backgrounds necessary for positions

All Required USCIS Forms

Form I-129
Extensive 36-page form generated in seconds

Form G-28