About OnlineVisas

OnlineVisas is the Intelligent Immigration platform™

Designed by immigration attorneys, OnlineVisas combines market-leading immigration legal services with powerful new technology to deliver more approvals without increased costs, which helps us to fulfill our mission of Delivering Dreams™ for more individuals and businesses worldwide.

Issues with Traditional Immigration Legal Services

The immigration process is stressful, tedious, and time-consuming. To alleviate anxiety and enhance client experience, OnlineVisas employed Gigster to identify and evaluate pain points and universal issues people face during the immigration process.
The situation analysis highlighted three major pain points that lead to failed petitions:

  • frustration with completing extensive questionnaires without attorney guidance;
  • irritation with attorneys asking clients to develop their own employment letters and supporting documents without legal analysis;
  • difficulty of reaching an attorney and/or legal team.

OnlineVisas, an AI-powered platform, provides the solution for a more effective and efficient immigration process that addresses pain-points identified by research.

Here's how we Achieve it

AI-Supported Strategy

The OnlineVisas platform carves out pivotal aspects of each case and arms attorneys with winning strategies based on the latest case law, agency appeals, decisions, RFEs, policy and regulations.

Fully-Automated Document Production

This unique approach makes the immigration process more efficient and creates the most comprehensive visa petitions in the industry by producing:

  • a visually appealing, full-color, magazine-style brief with evidence and case analysis supported by winning strategies and leading authority;
  • auto-generated immigration forms that eliminate redundancy;
  • plus ancillary documents to support petitions, including employment letters, expert letters, and business plans... with over 100 attorney-developed templates to choose from!
Smart Document Parsing

OnlineVisas is a unique petition-building platform that allows the user to bypass lengthy questionnaires by uploading documents directly.

The platform can then automatically capture and parse the documents, extracting the essential information.

The information is then reviewed by attorneys, who identify potential problems and opportunities to develop a winning strategy in consultation with the client.

Unique, Comprehensive Legal Brief

Regular immigration firms simply submit the basic forms to USCIS with a short cover letter. The OnlineVisas platform creates an attorney-designed, comprehensive legal brief that sets out a complete case.

Legal briefs are backed with concrete arguments to address all of the current rules and show why the petition must be approved.

That's how we consistently get 97% of all visa petitions approved...
even though we're happy to take on the most challenging cases, and achieved perfect 100% approval success for H-1B visas in 2021!


Originally released in 2017 and now in its second generation, OnlineVisas continues to be the most advanced platform in the industry due to its unique features that target critical questions USCIS adjudicators look for when determining whether a visa petition is approved or denied.

Our Practice

Velie Law Firm translated almost three decades of experience into OnlineVisas, the Intelligent Immigration platform™ built to help effectively and efficiently represent its world-class clients across global industries. OnlineVisas is the engine driving Velie Law Firm’s 97% approval rate that has garnered international recognition. 

  • In a white paper titled “Law and Technology,” the American Bar Association declared Velie Law Firm an innovator in the legal industry and presented the firm with the Louis M. Brown Equal Access to Justice Award (2002).
  • Velie Law Firm’s business model won the firm a Gold Stevie® Award in the International Business Awards-Legal Services Company category (2014).
  • Velie Law Firm received Best Overall Business (2015) and Best Import/Export (2017) at the Business Excellence Awards.
  • The United Nations awarded Velie Law Firm the Human Rights Award for Oklahoma (2019). 

Discover a More Successful Visa Petition Process

OnlineVisas' innovative approach to the visa petition process has always focused on crafting a comprehensive legal brief for each petition instead of the usual basic cover letter.

This used to take significantly more time, but gave our clients an industry-leading approval rate.

Today, with OnlineVisas' Intelligent Immigration Platform, we can achieve the same outstanding results... but in a fraction of the time!