Trump & H1B Visa: Latest News on the President’s H1B Visa Policy

President Donald Trump has consistently targeted the H-1B "Specialty Occupation" visa in this administration's broadly anti-immigration policies.

The attacks against the H-1B visa program have gathered pace in the run-up to the November 2020 Presidential Election.

OnlineVisas constantly monitors the political immigration landscape in order to help us better advise our clients and prospective immigrants.

We have collected for you our latest announcements and insights on Trump's position on the H-1B visa.

Trump H1B Visa News
New Policy Guidelines From USCIS Could Make It Easier To Get Your Visa Extended!
You Could Reopen Your H-1B Case After This New USCIS Announcement
Trump Administration To Implement A Slate Of Final Immigration Rules In Last 10 Days
Will Trump Stick It To The H-1B As He Walks Out The White House Door?
Judge Throws Out Trump Administration’s Interim Final Rule Restricting H-1B visas!
Which U.S. Visas Will Be Impacted Between The Trump Biden Administrations?
How Will Biden’s Business Immigration Policy Differ from Trump’s?
3 Lawsuits Against Trump’s Devastating H-1B Regulations
Will Trump’s Increased Wages And Restrictions On H-1B Visas Hold Up In Court?
Trump Sends Tech Jobs Overseas Under New H-1B Rule
BREAKING: Trump restricts H-1B Visas… AGAIN! (October 6, 2020)
Breaking News: Trump Travel Ban, H-1B Rules & Fingerprints on Visas

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