How to Draft an Employment Letter for a Successful H-1B Visa

What is a visa?

One of the most common areas that can trigger denials and Request for Evidence (RFE) is the title a company gives to a job and whether they describe it in a way that meets the definition of “specialty occupation.” 

How to Comply with H-1B Third-Party Site Inspections

Watch the video below to discover tips on crafting an excellent employment letter that includes:

  • Identify the correct job title to qualify for “specialty occupation” in the OOH (Occupational Outlook Handbook).
  • What duties will be appropriate and credible for the job description to provide a suitable level of detail and use language that a non-technical reviewer will easily understand?
  • Show how the beneficiary’s studies are relevant and pertain to the position’s requirements.

What does OnlineVisas do differently than other firms? The significant difference is submitting an entire legal brief, not just a cover letter. In that brief, we make sure to identify any potential legal issues and answer them pre-emptively.

In our complete legal brief, we address the specialty occupation and the employer’s letter, which we have discovered can be a critical factor in influencing the outcome of an H-1B petition.

We represented many staffing companies and achieved a 100% H-1B approval rate in the 2021 season.

Discover ways to improve your chance of H-1B approval in the video below!

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