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H-1B Visas for Companies

We recently experienced the toughest ever environment for H-1B visa applications. However, employers still have several good opportunities for bringing in skilled workers, either by winning H-1Bs or certain other visas.

The Trump Administration has singled out the H-1B visa in particular, which means a visa that was already challenging, thanks to the fixed cap and lottery system, has gotten even harder.

The first thing that U.S. employers must understand about navigating this particularly hostile environment is that proceeding with business as usual could no longer work in 2022 and beyond. Simply submitting ordinary H-1B petitions will very likely mean you waste your time and money, and will see your plans for growth frustrated.

Here we will share with you the most important factors that have allowed our team not only to beat the market year on year (with an industry-leading 100% approval rate in the 2021season), but also to increase your chances of getting approvals.

Our H-1B Success (2021 season)

See the 3x key differences that mean we can help give you an edge over your competition below.


Custom Strategy

There is no single best approach to winning at immigration. That's why we always start with carefully listening to your specific business context, goals, and needs, so that we can plan the most effective strategy for immigration success.

Do not proceed with your immigration activity without a 2022-ready strategy in place!


Consider ALL Your Options

We have consistently achieved great results with the H-1B visa for years, but in the current climate it is absolutely vital to consider alternative options for achieving similar goals.

We will advise you on all the alternative paths and even loopholes for getting you the right people you need.


Our Comprehensive Briefing Process

We know that USCIS have a list of easy options for denying H-1B and other visa applications, so you must make sure you have covered every single legal angle to the letter, including the very latest case law. These days you simply must go the extra mile with your brief preparation!

That's why we prepare and submit in-depth, comprehensive legal briefs with every petition - with the goal of essentially giving Immigration no reason to be able to deny your petition.

If you are ready to take your company's immigration to the next level for 2020, the next step is simply to contact us to arrange a no-obligation visa strategy session with one of our immigration attorneys. We will listen carefully to your needs and offer you the best direction we can, based on all the latest insights.

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