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White House DACA Deal Will Chill US Economy

This past Sunday (October 08, 2017), the White House released a list of priorities it is willing to exchange for reinstating DACA, the Obama-era executive order that provided work permits to approximately

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Timely Federal Court case, Next Generation Technology v. Johnson curtails USCIS’s restrictive analysis of H-1Bs and other ways to address Level 1 RFEs

A Federal Court decision on September 29, 2017, Next Generation Technology v. Johnson, affirms that the occupation of “computer programmer” is considered a specialty occupation for purposes of H-1B

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USCIS Resuming Premium Processing for all H-1B Petitions

On October 3, 2017 USCIS resumed premium processing for all H-1B visa petitions. As we previously reported, on April 3, 2017, USCIS temporarily suspended premium processing at the beginning of H-1B filing

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DACA May Be Back at the Cost of More Restrictive Immigration Laws

Last Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that an immigration proposal could be expected in “the coming days”. A recently leaked document shows Republicans in congress

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Round Three of the Travel Ban

There has been an updated reboot of President Trump’s travel ban on six Muslim majority countries. The White House statement entitled, “Presidential Proclamation Enhancing Vetting Capabilities and

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State Department Memos Tighten Restrictions on U.S. Visas

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has released a diplomatic cable cable to all U.S. embassies stating that persons who have obtained a visa before entering the U.S. must follow through on their plans upon

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Venture Capitalist Sue Over Delay of International Entrepreneur Rule

The International Entrepreneur Rule is Obama-era legislation which allows international entrepreneurs to open U.S. companies if they obtain U.S. investment. The rule was signed by Former President Obama

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Canadian Express Work Permits: Will the Next Apple be Canadian?

While America is poised to making hiring high skilled workers more difficult, Canada has launched their fast track work permit program which will grant high-skilled foreign nationals a work permit in

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DACA by the Numbers: The economic impact of rescinding DACA.

Last Tuesday when President Trump ended DACA, Attorney General Jeff Sessions claimed DACA was taking jobs and income away from Americans. However, despite the debate, this is just flatly untrue. Several

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Congressional Options for Replacing DACA

A key question after President Trump’s rescinding of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA on Tuesday is what’s next for America’s 1.1 million DACA-eligible undocumented immigrants. Unfortunately,

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