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OnlineVisas has revolutionized immigration law. 

At OnlineVisas, we don't just fill out complicated forms for disinterested government employees, we deliver dreams. Unlike typical consultations, during your Strategy Session, you'll experience our five core brand promises: 

  • Relationships
  • Strategy
  • Knowledge
  • Briefing
  • Technology

We invest in you first by applying your facts to the applicable law, we will help answer your three main questions:

  • Whether you meet the requirements of a visa
  • How much it will cost you
  • How long your process will take

How OnlineVisas wins more approvals

With our Intelligent Immigration PlatformTM we have created a faster, easier, and more reliable way to get U.S. visas approved.

Speak with an Attorney

Our team is standing by right now to help! Either speak to one of our licensed immigration attorneys now or schedule a session for a day and time that work better for you.

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Upload your documents

With OnlineVisas, preparing your petition is as simple as uploading a few documents onto our AI platform.

The system will automatically extract the information required for your attorney to check.

Collaborate to build your case

Simply go onto the platform at any time and follow the directions to add any further information and evidence that may be required to build your winning case.

Your legal team is on hand to help.

Get updates at any time

No more waiting for updates! You can log into our platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to see the latest updates, even after we have submitted your case to USCIS.

If you need to contact your legal team, no problem! You can do that from the platform too.

We'll finalize & deliver your petition package

We use your info to create all the government forms and supporting docs, complete with a professionally-designed legal brief that makes a comprehensive case why your visa petition must be approved.

Dreams delivered!

We take pride in having a 99% overall approval rate across all visa types. Including a perfect 100% approval record for H-1B visas in the 2023 cap season!

Overall Approval*

Delivering Dreams™ Drives Immigration Attorneys

Login and upload your documents into my Visas.AI platform

Review & Parse

I will review, index and place your content into the forms, brief and other documents needed to prepare your case. This reduces the time and eliminates that painful process of answering so many questions

Schedule & Strategize

Next, Schedule a Strategy Session with one of our licensed lawyers from our 30 year award winning Immigration firm and I will advise your lawyer of your inputs so you can have a productive strategy session

Collaborate & Evaluate 

Your licensed attorney will review your case, determine visa eligibility, and provide a timeline and cost estimate. They will also use our AI's Winning Strategies tool and expert legal arguments to advise you.

Get updates at any time

You will have access to your Strategy questions and answers with next steps and ability to revise answers, ask questions and make comments

Qualify & Apply

If you meet the criteria, your lawyer will send you a contract with a breakdown of fees and a financing option with our financing partner.

Legal Database

Our legal team offers hundreds of authoritative documents, including briefs, contracts, and expert letters, for 80 visa options in our Assembly Station.

We Specialize in The Following Areas of U.S. Immigration:

Our immigration attorneys have decades of experience in winning U.S. visas and green cards for everyone, from temporary workers and family members to Olympic athletes and academics.

Choose OnlineVisas and our network of attorneys and trust that we will go above and beyond to win your case! Work directly with the source instead of paying middle-men fees!

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