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OnlineVisas has created the most advanced system for preparing successful U.S. Visa applications.

Now, corporations and individual applicants can benefit from a faster, safer, easier process.


Starting with a visa strategy session with an experienced U.S. immigration attorney, working with OnlineVisas cuts the time to submitting your visa petition, thanks to our 24/7 secure platform and advanced document production process. Our advanced collaboration technology saves you time and work. No more waiting for international calls or emails between time zones.


We don't just fill and submit the basic forms - with OnlineVisas you'll get a comprehensive and professional legal brief that sets out exactly why your visa application must be approved. Our OnlineVisas Gateway platform will generate a comprehensive document pack for your petition, also including any letters, notices, and other documents to help assure full compliance.


Our unique process, from strategy to automated professional document production, is why we consistently get more petitions approved than regular immigration attorneys.

ZERO H-1B petitions we filed for 2018 denied!

* Of the H-1B petitions that passed the lottery in the 2018 period (to date) we have received just one RFE (request for evidence) and zero denials.



"Here are three great reasons why you can trust OnlineVisas...

First, we always start with your attorney strategy session with me or one of my team. That means we can give you all the information you need before you decide how to proceed.

And our flat-fee pricing policy means you pay exactly what we quote, no extras or hidden fees.

Plus, our advanced OnlineVisas Gateway app means you can follow the progress of your case at any time, anywhere in the world.

Start YOUR U.S. Visa Process Today

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