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Immigration law, evolved

OnlineVisas' revolutionary new platform gives corporations and attorneys

the world's fastest & most efficient way to manage immigration law cases.

Find out how you can cut costs, save time, and maximize success.

Take Total Control of Your Immigration Process

The OnlineVisas platform has been designed by award-winning immigration attorneys
to be the most efficient tool to manage cases.

All Your Info in One Place

View every case at every stage from a single, simple online application, organized to make your life easier.

Secure 24/7 Global Access

No more searching through emails. Stakeholders access cases and add info anytime, anywhere in the world.

Generate Documents Instantly

OnlineVisas generates the letters, notices and USCIS forms you need with one click - saving you hours!

Secure Data Storage

All uploaded or generated files are stored in a secure location and accessible only to permitted users.

No More Hidden Fees

Our flexible model means you can access expert legal support by the hour, but only if and when you need it.

Use Best Practice Every Time

Our visa models have been designed by top immigration lawyers to help ensure your petitions are compliant.

OnlineVisas Minimizes Your Time, Costs, and Risk!

If your company processes U.S. immigration petitions on a regular basis, whether you use in-house or third-party attorneys, switch to OnlineVisas and discover an easier, quicker, more cost-effective, and more reliable way to prepare your cases.

How OnlineVisas Works

  • OnlineVisas Gateway is your online platform for preparing immigration cases. Multiple stakeholders, within or outside of your organization, can collaborate and add information from wherever they are.
  • Start a new lead or petition in moments and add your stakeholders.
  • Pre-designed visa petition templates include all the info you need to provide, along with guidance from top immigration attorneys.
  • Any stakeholders may add information to build the case. All information is entered only once.
  • Supporting documents are uploaded and stored securely for reference.
  • Simple checklists help ensure you have done everything required for your selected visa petition.
  • Add logos and photos to make your documents more engaging.
  • When complete, Gateway lets you instantly generate the full range of documents you need with just one click: all the USCIS forms, letters, employer notices... everything you need to be fully compliant and maximize your chance of approval.
  • You can even create extensive legal briefs including a choice of professional-looking cover pages to make your petitions stand out.

OnlineVisas Gateway is an easy-to-use online platform for preparing all your U.S. visa petitions.

Produce professional-looking cover pages in seconds!

That's how easy it is to create top-quality visa petitions today!

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