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OnlineVisas has created the most advanced system for preparing successful U.S. Visa applications.

Now, corporations and individual applicants can benefit from a faster, safer, easier process.


Your U.S. visa success starts with finding the right strategy. That's why we offer a  free visa strategy session with one of our U.S. Immigration attorneys. In this session we'll help you analyze your current situation, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case and current immigration process, then propose solutions that will deliver your goals with the best chance of success. 


OnlineVisas' unique AI-powered Intelligent Immigration Platform dramatically cuts the time and effort required to prepare immigration cases. Our platform parses key information from uploaded documents to prepare cases in a fraction of the time, enabling your attorney to spend more time on your winning strategy. When the case is ready, the platform instantly generates all the documents necessary to secure a winning result.


OnlineVisas submits full and comprehensive legal briefs with our immigration petitions. More than a mere table of contents, our complete briefs communicate all the vital info, tell a compelling story, and set out a thorough legal argument to establish why the case meets all criteria. That's how we remove every possible obstacle and consistently achieve incredible approval rates.


Our unique process, from strategy to automated professional document production, is why we consistently get more petitions approved than regular immigration attorneys. We achieved an incredible 95% approval rate in the 2018 H-1B Visa CAP season, that's 61% above the industry average, saving our clients significant time - and money!

95% H-1B Visa Petition Success in 2018!


CEO and Lead Attorney

"Here's why you can trust OnlineVisas with your immigration...

I have been helping people visit and work in the United States for 25 years. Over that time, I have developed what I believe is the most successful immigration method available today.

At OnlineVisas, we don't just prepare your visa forms, we craft and submit thorough legal briefs that make a powerful case to the immigration authorities, explaining why they must approve your petition. That's why 19 out of 20 H-1B cases are successful!

Because we believe in transparency, you can trust that our flat-fee pricing policy means you pay exactly what we quoted, with no extras or hidden fees.

And of course our Intelligent Immigration Platform means you can follow the progress of your case at anytime, anywhere in the world.

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