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Immigration Solutions for Medical, Agriculture and Foreign Investment during COVID-19

Easing certain immigration restrictions can help solve medical, agricultural and economic problems as #COVID19 takes hold of the U.S.

  • Healthcare workers tare becoming overtaxed as hospitals are inundated.
  • Food supply chains are slowing from a lack of agricultural workers.
  • The economy is in recession as overall productivity slumps.

Jon Velie, CEO of OnlineVisas, talks about:

  • #H1B – for more doctors
  • #EB2 #EB3 – for schedule one occupations, i.e. nurses
  • #O1 visa for exceptional ability doctors
  • #TN visa for physicians from Canda and Mexico
  • #J1 for international residency doctors
  • #H2B for agricultural workers
  • #EB5 for foreign investors to stimulate the economy
  • #USCIS closures, Service Center operations, and Premium Processing Plus paid/unpaid leave and termination of foreign-nationals. Unemployment, Medicaid, and exceptions to the #publiccharge rule.

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