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Immigration Takes the Stage in Presidential Debate

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Quick Fact:

In fiscal year 2023, the Biden administration's executive order on border security aimed to reduce illegal crossings by allowing border officials to quickly turn back migrants without asylum opportunities once crossings exceeded 2,500 per day (The White House).

Former President Trump consistently redirected Thursday’s debate conversation to the border, emphasizing an issue that remains a significant vulnerability for President Biden’s administration. Throughout the debate, Trump steered discussions on various topics, including the economy, healthcare, and abortion, back to immigration and border security.

This strategy underscored his long-standing focus on the border, an issue that has been central to all three of his presidential campaigns and one that has proven to be a challenging point for Biden, given the record levels of illegal border crossings during his tenure.

Why it Matters

The U.S.-Mexico border has seen historic levels of migration, making it a key issue in the current election cycle. Trump has emphasized border security in all three of his presidential campaigns. Conversely, Biden has faced criticism due to consecutive record years of illegal border crossings under his administration.

Trump’s Debate Tactics

Trump repeatedly discussed crimes committed by migrants, alleging they are “killing our citizens at a level that we’ve never seen.” He recounted a conversation with a mother whose daughter was recently killed, claiming the border was the safest during his tenure and criticizing Biden for reversing his policies.

Trump also accused Biden of dismantling his restrictive border policies out of spite, which he claims has resulted in numerous deaths at the border. Despite some recent violent crimes by unauthorized immigrants, studies indicate immigrants are generally less likely to commit crimes compared to U.S. natives.

Key Points from the Debate

  • Trump alleged that migrants were taking jobs from Black and Hispanic communities.
  • He linked border issues to other contentious topics, such as abortion, suggesting that those crossing the border have been involved in violent crimes against young women.
  • Biden, in contrast, highlighted a blocked bipartisan border deal and criticized Trump for inhumane practices, such as separating families and detaining children in cages.

Biden’s Actions on Immigration

Biden has made significant moves to address immigration concerns, providing him with arguments against Trump’s critiques:

  • He issued an executive order enabling quick expulsion of migrants who illegally cross the border, bypassing asylum opportunities when crossings exceed a specific threshold. This action has led to a notable decrease in border crossings.
  • Biden also facilitated a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens.

This move comes in response to criticisms from Republicans, who have attributed the rise in border crossings to Biden’s policies. The executive order will enable border officials to turn back migrants who cross the border illegally, without granting them a chance at asylum, once the number of crossings reaches a specific threshold. This upcoming executive order underscores the Biden administration’s efforts to address the immigration issue head-on, a topic that has been a focal point in the ongoing debate between Biden and Trump.

The order, which mirrors a bipartisan border deal previously blocked by Republicans, represents a proactive measure by Biden to enhance border security and mitigate illegal crossings. By involving border area mayors and members of Congress in the process, the administration aims to garner broader support and demonstrate a commitment to resolving the border crisis.

Trump’s Immigration Policy Promises

Trump remains committed to a stringent immigration approach:

  • He has vowed to carry out mass deportations of individuals without legal status in the U.S.
  • Plans include ending birthright citizenship, screening immigrants for “Marxist” ideologies, and using the military to combat drug smuggling.

The debate showcased Trump’s focus on border security, underscoring a major point of contention in the ongoing election cycle.

Immigrant Crime Rates: The Facts

Studies consistently show that immigrants are generally less likely to commit crimes compared to U.S. natives. Research indicates that immigrants, including undocumented ones, are less likely to be incarcerated than those born in the U.S. For instance, a study co-led by Northwestern University economists found that since 1960, immigrants are 60% less likely to be incarcerated than U.S.-born citizens (Northwestern Now) (opb).

Further research by the Cato Institute revealed that undocumented immigrants in Texas were 37.1% less likely to be convicted of crimes compared to native-born Americans (PolitiFact). Additionally, data from the FactCheck.org and PolitiFact emphasize that despite some high-profile cases, the overall crime rate among immigrants is lower than that of U.S.-born individuals (FactCheck.org) (PolitiFact).

This comprehensive body of research debunks the myth that immigration leads to increased crime, highlighting instead that immigrants are generally more law-abiding than their native-born counterparts.

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