Top 5 Reasons USCIS May Deny an H-1B Visa Petition

Here you can get your free copy of “Top 5 Reasons USCIS May Deny an H-1B Visa Petition-and the Corresponding Winning Strategies to Get Approvals,” written by Jon Velie, CEO and Lead Attorney of OnlineVisas.

In fiscal year 2019, denial rates for H-1B visa petitions increased by 11% from fiscal year 2015.

The lower number of H-1B approvals corresponds with more RFEs (Requests for Evidence) being issued during the time frame. In fiscal year 2019, over 65% of approved H-1B cases received an RFE.

In this difficult environment, OnlineVisas obtained approvals for 100% of H-1B visa petitions in 2019 and again in 2021.

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