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How To Win an O-1 or EB-1 in the Sports Industry

OnlineVisas’ CEO and lead attorney, Jon Velie, joins Bobby Hacker, President of the Sports Lawyers Association, to explore the secrets of winning Extraordinary Ability visas for the United States.

The Extraordinary Ability visa categories are:

  • O-1: The non-immigrant visa.
  • The EB-1 Green Card (immigrant visa), specifically the EB1-1.

If you are a foreign athlete or sports professional or representative who may intend to bring foreign athletes into the U.S., this webinar will be essential viewing.

Jon’s firm has a long track record in sports immigration success, having helped people involved in at least fifty different sports to pursue their sporting careers in the U.S., over a span of 26 years. A former high-level rugby player himself, Jon is also proud to have secured the first green card for a rugby player.

Over the course of this sixty-minute webinar, you will discover:

  • Who can qualify for an extraordinary ability visa (note: not only athletes themselves, but also coaches, administrators, and support personnel);
  • The different types of criteria that you may need to be able to prove (there are ten types, of which you need to prove a minimum of three);
  • How USCIS evaluate awards and successes;
  • The various levels of evidence: primary, secondary, and tertiary.
  • Why letters from experts in the field rarely succeed;
  • How to use exposure in media, what kinds of media recognition will carry weight, and which types to avoid;
  • Inside tips for helping your evidence to stand up, and the most various pitfalls that could invalidate any evidence, and potentially result in a lost petition!

View the recording below (60 minutes)

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