May 18

Now is the Ideal Time to Apply for EB-5 Investor Visa to the United States

During these testing times with the on-going coronavirus crisis, the U.S. stands to benefit from foreign investors more than ever.

While some opponents of the EB-5 green card visa model claim that the country needs fewer of these visa holders, but the EB-5 offers a win-win for foreign investors and for the United States itself.

The United States is highly dependent on lenders right now. We owe substantial debts to foreign governments and banks all around the world, particularly to China and some Middle-Eastern states. The extend of the nation’s borrowing is such that, if all these debts were called in at once, it would topple the U.S. economy, and potentially trigger a global recession.

This is why the EB-5 immigrant visa (green card) offers an ideal solution. To qualify for the EB-5, a foreign investor must invest either $900,000 or $1.8M into a U.S. company and create a minimum of ten full-time jobs for American workers.

Why is this such a great solution all-around?

  • The U.S. is a great place for innovation in all kinds of areas, so ideal for foreign-born entrepreneurs.
  • Any private money the U.S. can attracts goes some way to offsetting the country’s reliance on foreign debt.
  • Plus, creating new jobs will have compound benefits to the U.S. economy.

But there is even better news. On Tuesday, April 21, President Trump issued a sixty-day pause on the processing of most green cards. However, right now the EB-5 is one of the visas that is excluded from that temporary halt.

So if you want to invest in an American company right now, you can do so, even if you are outside of the United States. Plus, the timeframes for application processing are actually going down because of the understandable dip in demand during the Coronavirus pandemic.

All this means there has never been a better time in recent years to apply for your EB-5 green card. Speak to our team to arrange a free strategy session with one of our attorneys.

About the author: Jon Velie has practiced Immigration law since 1993. He is CEO of OnlineVisas

Jon is an Amazon number one best-selling author of H-1B Visa: Application & Approval, is regularly covered by major media and has won a number of international awards. Jon was also pivotal in the Cherokee Freedmen Supreme Court case.

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