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July 31, 2019

Restricting H-1B visa issuance has a number of negative impacts on our economy. Statistically every H-1B visa creates almost two jobs for Americans on average. In smaller companies it can create almost 7 jobs per each H-1B. Reducing H-1Bs reduces jobs for Americans at almost double a rate.

Makjng these high skilled visas tougher to obtain for American companies forces jobs and companies to leave America. It also has caused foreign nation students to lose interest in attending US Universities. Indian students have decreased admissions by 28% while Chinese students havre decreased by 24%. This translates to a loss of approximately $2 Billion in tuition to US universities annually.

Other countries like Canada and India are already enjoying increase migration of American companies and foreign nationals to bolster their economy especially in the tech industry.

The US has lead the world in technology by importing the top skill in the world to come to our inviting and innovative environment, visa regulations are chilling this environment, this could cause us to lose our leadership position and adversely impact our economy.

About the author 

Ben Hunt

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