July 31, 2019

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Legal assistance is by no means mandatory but highly recommended. The process has become increasingly complicated and there has been an unprecedented number of visa denials and RFEs (Requests for Evidence).

Attorney Tips and Strategies for H3 Applications

The petitioning U.S. employer or organization should comply with the following general requirements…

  •  The intent of the training must be to enable the trainee to work that will be carried out outside the U.S. H3 visas should not be used with the intention of employing the trainee within the United States.
  •  They must provide a detailed breakdown of the training program, listing the number of hours spent each week in the classroom versus hands-on training.
  • Present a summary of each trainee’s prior experience, showing why they need the training.
  • Provide a valid explanation why equivalent training is not available in the trainee’s home country.
  • Statement of how the training will be funded, which must be without the petitioner permanently employing the trainee.

About the author 

Jon Velie

About the author: Jon Velie has practiced immigration law since 1993. He is CEO of OnlineVisas.com., the Intelligent Immigration Platform. Jon is an Amazon number one best-selling author of H-1B Visa: Application & Approval that is regularly covered by major media and has won a number of international awards. Jon can be contacted at jon@onlinevisas.com or 405-310-4333 office.

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