“What is the success rate of an EB-5 visa to the USA? Are the projects safe enough to invest in?”

USCIS relaxed the requirements together with an increase in consistency of approving EB5 applications, the success rate ultimately depends on the applicant’s ability to meet all of the criteria.

For potential investors, putting large sums of money at risk in a foreign economy and having citizenship determined by the long-term business success as well as the ability to create at least 10 U.S. jobs is a high-stakes decision that requires due diligence.

The type of investment project is perhaps the most important decision an applicant must make, as the enterprise choice will no doubt affect whether or not the application is approved and the degree to which financial success is achieved.

There are a wide range of investment options that have the potential to meet USCIS conditions for approval. When calculating the most suitable type of business to fund, potential investors must ask themselves, “Do I want a larger return on my investment or am I investing primarily to meet the basic requirements for obtaining a green card?”

Acceptable EB-5 enterprises exist across a wide variety of fields and industries from medical facilities, manufacturing, agriculture and real estate development, to hotels, restaurants, casinos and stadiums.

With so much riding on the choice of commercial entity, it is imperative that foreign investors asses the risks associated with the type of business and the strategy for meeting USCIS requirements, such as job creation.

Giving proper consideration to the type of investment can be a daunting task, especially for those without a background in business, economics or a specific industry.

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