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OnlineVisas is Revolutionizing the Delivery of Immigration Law with Radically New Corporate Immigration Services

Discover the New Way to Manage Corporate Immigration

Say goodbye to the old, slow, opaque immigration process, and say hello to a smoother, easier, experience.

While immigration law has become more complex and more competitive, most immigration law firms still run the same way they have for generations.

When your immigration attorney is in a destination country on a totally different time zone to you, communicating by phone and email often makes the process painfully slow.

But when you need to manage your global workforce, using multiple attorneys in different locations, those frustrations are compounded. HR directors can find themselves besieged with messages from stakeholders frequently asking for updates.

Today’s corporations need a way to…

  • engage established immigration attorneys on the ground in multiple territories,
  • get instant updates on every case and see exactly what the next steps are,
  • and for all stakeholders to be able to add information, comments, or upload files at any time of day or night,
  • all in one single location.

This has never been possible — until now!

Welcome to The New Way

Online Visas is taking a radically different approach to delivering immigration law services.

We are not a law firm. We’re a network of immigration attorneys all around the world who have joined together to deliver a new standard of service. (In fact, Online Visas is on track to be the world’s biggest provider within our first year of growth!)

The way we work is also radically different, using our unique online communication and collaboration tool: the OnlineVisas Intelligent Immigration PlatformTM.

Our platform is an easy-to-use web-based application that lets every stakeholder on every case see their status, securely upload and download files, communicate with all other stakeholders, and even pay fees.

How Online Visas Transforms the Corporate Immigration Experience

Using OnlineVisas means there’s no more waiting on emails or phone calls — every stakeholder can interact on any case 24/7, so everyone is kept instantly up-to-date. A daily update email ensures you’re always kept updated on every case.

We think this offers corporate clients the best solution available anywhere. Not only can you now easily find and engage all the experienced attorneys you need, on the ground in each destination country, but now you can also manage all communications in one place.

But that’s not all…

  • 24/7 access for all stakeholders means no more emails and phone calls requesting updates on cases. Everything is viewable online, saving everybody time, energy, and stress.
  • The network partner model offers true global reach without the overheads associated with managing an international presence. Whatever the scale or scope of your immigration needs, OnlineVisas has you covered.
  • No more waiting to speak to your attorney. With OnlineVisas, you can even initiate new cases at any time of day or night.
  • Regular updates keep you informed of the progress on every case.

The transparency of this system virtually eliminates unnecessary communication, leaving you to invest your time and energy to better effect.

Find Out More

You could save time, accelerate your company’s migration, and cut down on stress by switching to the new, transparent model that OnlineVisas offers.

We would love to show you how OnlineVisas could transform your experience of global immigration law.

Arrange your attorney consultation now.

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