P1 Visa - Requirements and Information on How to Apply

P1 Visa


The P1 is a specialty US visa exclusively for athletes (or other entertainers) and their coaches or support staff. You may apply for a P1 if you are…

  • An internationally-recognized athlete or athletic team seeking to enter the U.S. in order to compete or participate in an event of international standing.
  • Entertainer or entertainment group recognized as outstanding, who plan to perform within the U.S. (whether single event or tour)
  • Coaching staff or support personnel of the above.

P1 visa for athletes and entertainersP1 Visa Details

  • Duration: The term of a visa is usually  based on the planned performance or competition schedule. The maximum allowable initial stay is up to 5 years, but this may be extended up to a maximum of 10 years.
  • P1 holders may perform for payment or prize money
  • They may undertake part-time study while in the U.S.
  • May travel freely both inside and outside the U.S. while the visa is valid
  • Dependents: Spouse and minor children (i.e. unmarried children under age 21) may accompany or visit (under a P-4 visa)
    • Dependents & work: dependents on P-4 visa may not work.
  • The P1 holder may actually have multiple employers, sponsors and other revenue sources, provided the petition is presented by an agent (i.e. agent based petition).
    • Employers may be U.S.-based or foreign, but they must have a contract with the visa beneficiary.
  • Green Card? Holder may apply for an Adjustment of Status and seek permanent residency while in the country under a P1 visa.
    • However note that this does not include support personnel.
  • USCIS may require proof that the P1 applicant maintains a foreign residence to which they intend to return.

Attorney Tips for P1 Applications

Alternative Options to P1 Visa?

Online Visas has a long track record in securing P1 visas for athletes across a range of sports. If you are considering applying for a P1, please contact us to arrange your personal visa strategy session with one of our immigration attorneys.

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