Your Visa Strategy Session

With your attorney, Jon Velie

You are scheduled to have an immigration strategy session with Jon Velie, CEO of OnlineVisas and one of the most respected immigration lawyers in the United States.

Please read the important information below to ensure your session runs smoothly, we get all the information we need, and can maximize your chances of a successful U.S. visa application.

Thank you,
Your OnlineVisas team


Preparing for your Strategy Session

Your visa strategy session is where you meet your expert immigration attorney, and work with him to help establish the best visa for your application, to establish the strength of your case, and to figure out the best strategy for a successful petition.

It is critical to be prepared for your session. First, please make sure you have confirmed the time of your strategy session you agreed with our team, allowing for time zone differences.

Also make sure you know the medium for the meeting, whether it is phone, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.

For Jon to help give you his best advice, you will need to have the appropriate information readily available. This may include documentation such as:

  • Information and dates of your qualifications
  • Details of any previous U.S. visas you have held 
  • Full details of any job offer
  • Your current and previous addresses


Your Strategy Session

During your strategy session you and Jon will discuss...

  • Your situation and goals to figure out the best visa options
  • whether you (or your beneficiary) meet the requirements
  •  Or what may need to happen in order to meet them.

If Jon determines that the standards can be met and agrees that we can provide you an excellent service, you can sign your contract and make payment instantly online.


Preparing Your Immigration Case

After your strategy session we will send you your personal access to your secure portal.

When you access the portal you'll be able to review your case information, notes, issues and next steps from the legal team.

You and any other designated stakeholders will also be able to upload additional documents and add any required information 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

When complete, we will build your case with our proprietary Visa Petition Briefing process, a color magazine style brief complete with legal arguments.

Our process of reviewing, revising or building the necessary support documents - like expert letters, contracts, business plans and others - is included in your flat-fee price

About your attorney, Jon Velie

Jon Velie has practiced law since 1993, and is internationally renowned in Immigration Law, corporate law and litigation. He is the CEO of OnlineVisas, the global immigration network platform. OnlineVisas obtains visas and establishes companies around the world.

As a lawyer, Jon has represented a Baseball World Series MVP, a Football Super Bowl participant, three Wimbledon Champions, an NHL All-Star, a first round NBA draft-pick, many Olympic Gold Medalists, an Oscar Winner, and numerous World Champions and National Champions in a wide spectrum of sports and entertainment. In addition to helping many individuals, Jon has assisted major corporations, such as Arizona Diamondbacks, Detroit Lions, Edmonton Oilers, USA Rugby, Oklahoma University, HID Global, WTA Tour, Aspen Ski Company, Telluride Ski and Golf, Tyson Foods, Lucent’s Bell Laboratories, and many others.

Jon secured the first U.S. green card for a professional rugby player. Jon was lead counsel for a series of cases for the Freedmen of the Cherokee and Seminole Nations, where he won the citizenship for these citizens of African descent under the Treaties of 1866. The case has been called the most significant civil rights case of this century.

Jon has spoken at immigration seminars in Shanghai, China and Hyderabad India, Sports Law Association Annual Conference, Aspen Ski Company, Telluride Ski Company, Winter Park and Lucent’s Bell Laboratories. Jon advises ITServe Alliance on Immigration law and policy and is the immigration partner for founders’ network and ITServe Alliance.

Jon is the President of Velie Law Firm, winner of the 2014 International Business Award (The Gold Stevie) for Company of the Year-Legal, the 2015 and 2014 American Business Award (Bronze Stevie) for Company of the Year-Legal and Accounting and the 2012 Business Excellence Award, Best Overall Small Business in the Americas OnlineVisas won the Business Excellence Award in 2017 Best Import-Export Company in the Americas.

Jon is an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller in two categories for his book, "H1B Visas Applications & Approvals".

For his innovation on, Jon was awarded the American Bar Association’s Louis M. Brown Legal Access to Justice Award and was declared an innovator in the legal industry.

Jon has briefed three cases to the U.S. Supreme Court, has been featured in numerous publications including the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Le Monde, and London Times and featured on a segment of CBS 60 Minutes II.

Jon has been a regular guest speaker on U.S. immigration law on Dublin Ireland’s afternoon radio show and spoken at US Congressional and agency panels. Jon has briefed three cases to the Supreme Court and is subject of the documentary, “By Blood.”

Jon received his J.D. from the University of Oklahoma and BA from the University of California at Berkeley.

He was also a three-time collegiate All-American and National Champion in rugby and was inducted into the Oklahoma Rugby Hall of Fame and is the Director of Oklahoma University Rugby.

Jon lives in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife, Pam Battle and has six children.

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