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Immigration Show: John Lennon’s Immigration Case for DREAMers

In this episode, Jon Velie and Dave Kelso examine Lennon’s immigration battle and the court ruling that eventually led the Obama administration to release DACA as an executive order. Watch or listen

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How Melania Trump became a U.S. Citizen

Would Melania be able to enter the country under a new merit-based immigration system and how exactly would she meet the criteria for the EB1 visa?

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Ken Cuccinelli: A Disaster for USCIS and Immigration Law in the U.S.?

To ensure the President cannot appoint anyone he likes, the Director of USCIS has to be confirmed by the Senate. However, Trump could forgo a formal Senate process and have Ken Cuccinelli fill other

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The Truth About Kushner’s Immigration Plan

Donald Trump signed off on White House Advisor Jared Kushner’s immigration plan and turned it over to Senate Republicans. The specifics of the immigration plan are supposed to be unveiled any day,

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