January 19, 2022

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Wondering how your company can streamline the immigration process without breaking the bank or risking more denials? 
You came to the right place.

OnlineVisas holistic approach coupled with an AI-powered platform provides a more effective and efficient immigration process that addresses common hang-ups.

  • Getting a U.S. visa is difficult.
    The changing nature of immigration law complicates the visa process.
  • Visa and petition building is time-consuming.
    Preparing a winning visa case is a highly involved and complex process.
  • U.S. visas are expensive.
    Complex legal problems take time and require attorneys with knowledge of evolving immigration law.

Our digital library of winning arguments and strategies consists of regulations, policies, decisions, agency appeals, and federal cases that define the systematic methods USCIS uses to approve or deny visa petitions. Its unique features target the questions USCIS adjudicators look for when determining whether a visa petition is approved or denied. 

Our combination of experience and technology equips attorneys with winning strategies and arguments to deliver resultsPowered by the latest AI technology, OnlineVisas automates many steps in the case-building process, enabling attorneys to zero in on critical issues.

We got 100% H-1B approval in 2021 by identifying and mitigating potential Requests for Evidence (RFE) in
the initial petition.

How do we do it?

  1. OnlineVisas carves out pivotal aspects of each case and arms attorneys with winning strategies from its database.
  2. Users bypass long questionnaires by uploading documents for the platform to parse and populate immigration forms. 
  3. Attorneys review data to identify potential problems and develop a winning strategy in consultation with the client.
  4. Our approach to immigration is efficient and creates complete visa petitions that generate more visa approvals.
  5. We continually adjust our process to meet the changing demands of immigration and maintain our clients' winning advantage.

Regular immigration firms submit the basic forms to USCIS with a short cover letter. The OnlineVisas platform creates an attorney-designed, comprehensive legal brief with a complete body of evidence and ancillary documentation that sets out arguments addressing current case law.

OnlineVisas automates many case-building process elements:   

  • Allows users to bypass lengthy questionnaires.
  • Reduces the number of touches for all stakeholders.  
  • Enables attorneys to zero in on critical issues.
  • Decreases administrative work and organizes cases in one place.

We get more visas approved, faster, and at a lower cost!

We begin by analyzing your current situation to identify your optimal path forward in a complimentary strategy session with all stakeholders. Then, we quote a flat fee. You will know the total cost before you retain us. 

About the author 

Online Visas

About the author: Jon Velie has practiced immigration law since 1993. He is CEO of OnlineVisas.com., the Intelligent Immigration Platform. Jon is an Amazon number one best-selling author of H-1B Visa: Application & Approval that is regularly covered by major media and has won a number of international awards. Jon can be contacted at jon@onlinevisas.com or 405-310-4333 office or 405-821-5959 mobile.

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  1. I’m currently on a visit with my family to see my daughter at (UCF)
    Originally from iran and working in Oman.
    I’m interested in L-1 visa maybe buying a small business to help and qualify me with visa process.
    Please advise

  2. We need to get our employee Anna Michowska, back into the United States and here in Houston, Texas coordinating Research and Development between the USA and Poland regarding our FDA approval of Phase I to III for our Marvax, Polyclonal Immunogen, which shrinks tumors in eleven major cancers. We have filed with the FDA for Phase I here in the USA and will run parallel studies in Poland for approval of those therapies in both countries. We are in negotiations with the Polish Government for them to provide a minimum of thirty million dollars for this R&D to us.
    We have a critical, time sensative need for Anna located here in Texas and on site to help coordinate and cause the approval of our therapies. Anna understands what needs to be done to effect approval and work with the US and Polish FDA helping co-ordinate and marshal these therapies to approval.

    She is also sorely needed in the day to day management of our business which provides personal protection equipment (PPE) to first responders, government institutions, hospitals, schools and individuals. We are distributors for example: For Tests Kits OTC and POC: Spring, Sienna, Corowell, Flow Flex, I health and Access Bio. We also have relationships with Manufacturers of: Cranberry Gloves, masks, sanitizer, pro-biotics, and other needed products produced during this COVID pandemic. Anna, has run a medical supply company here in Houston, Texas, understands all facets of this business, including Medicare Billings and payments for services we perform and can coordinate between Houston and Warsaw and the Spring rapid testing facilities in Poland. We need specific help getting the right products to the correct place, every time on time. Anna has a Bachelors degree from the University of Houston and already has a Permanent Resident Card, which COVID precluded from renewing due to travel restrictions between the US and Poland, she also has a Social Security Number and Card, and will make in excess of six figures in Salary and will own equity as well our companies she works with after three years.

    We would appreciate your guidance and call regarding this.
    If You Have Any Questions Please Don't hesitate to Call.

    Anna is uniquely qualified for this position, is a shareholder, and we have been unable to find anyone with her unique qualifications here the USA to fill her position as a Vice President Operations for Gordian Holdings, Inc.

    Peter P. Smetek, Jr
    Gordian Holdings, Inc.
    Chairman CEO
    1628 Marshall St.
    Houston, Texas 77006

  3. I need 6 people to work in a kitchen in Myrtle Beach South Carolina . Starting March 14th .we have a 3 bedroom house for our kitchen staff.

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