Start Your Online Visa Application

Thank you for choosing to use OnlineVisas for your H-1B application.

First, please select how you would like to proceed.

I want to start my visa application myself

If you are sure which visa type is right for you, simply start entering the information via our online tool.

There is no obligation, and no fee payable at this point. You can always get assistance later.

If you choose to use OnlineVisas to generate the documents you need for an H-1B visa application, the fee will be US$199.

I'll do my own application with professional help

Improve your chances of approval with our easy professional support service.

Choose this option to proceed with your own application with professional legal assistance on call whenever you need.

The package starts at just $449 (includes up to 60 minutes of help).

I'd like an attorney to prepare my application

To maximize your chance of success, you should use our flat-fee H-1B attorney service.

You'll get a strategy session with an experienced immigration attorney, help at every step, and we'll even resubmit an unsuccessful first application (*conditions apply).

Everything is included with a single payment of just $999.

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