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Network Partners

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Network Partners

Join the Online Visas Network


The world’s fastest-growing immigration law NETWORK

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The global Online Visas Network is comprised of established immigration lawyers and law firms around the world, with a presence that has grown with partners in over 27 countries in 90 days.

This allows us to serve the world’s biggest clients, combining a broader range of capability with better communication than any other provider.

Our revolutionary new business model is made possible by our unique Gateway technology. Gateway is a communication and collaboration platform, available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, that transforms the way attorneys and clients share information.



Gateway Key Features

Here’s how Online Visas Gateway helps the Network manage immigration cases more quickly, smoothly, and efficiently than ever before:

  • As a partner in the network, you may provide leads to the Gateway Marketplace, and receive a share of all fees for any leads that are fulfilled by other partners.
  • You can also pick up leads provided by other global partners on the Marketplace.
  • Gateway lets you easily set up the steps of all your visa petitions in handy templates, and start new petitions with a couple of clicks.
  • Any stakeholders you add can access the workflow 24/7, provide information, upload and download files, make instant payments, and add comments… even when you are asleep!
  • Every stakeholder can receive a daily summary email, so everyone is kept in the loop.


Join the Network

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