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How to Win O-1 and EB-1 Visas in 2020

O-1 and EB-1 visas are the "extraordinary ability" visa types for entry into the United States. O-1 visas are non-immigrant, which means they do not grant permanent residence, and the EB-1 is the equivalent "green card", which means it does make the holder a permanent resident of the United States.

The climate for U.S. immigration has gotten tougher in recent months as the Trump Administration aims to follow through on its promises to protect employment for American citizens. This has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has clearly hit travel and migration plans hard.

However, we strongly believe that 2020 is a great time to get into the United States under either an O-1 or EB-1 visa.

Both visa types could be suitable if you can demostrate "exceptional ability" in business, the arts, science, sports, or education. But you need to understand the pitfalls, the challenges, the steps you must take, and also the ways that an immigration lawyer who specializes in exceptional ability immigration can help you.

OnlineVisas CEO and lead attorney, Jon Velie, will be running an exclusive online webinar for our clients and interested companies, organizations, and individuals. This will be aimed specifically at the sports sector, but the tips Jon gives you will apply to other areas too.

If moving to the United States in 2020 or 2021 is your goal, and you think that your success in your field could help you, you need to attend this webinar!

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