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H-1B Enterprise Offer

Watch the video to discover why OnlineVisas is able to offer enterprise clients the best value for volume H-1B visas in 2021

Unbeatable Value from the
Intelligent Immigration PlatformTM

OnlineVisas is a revolutionary AI-driven engine that powers the world's most effective and efficient visa process.

That's why only OnlineVisas can make this offer to U.S. employers.

Based on how many H-1B petitions you commit to in the year.


< 10 H-1Bs


each, $250 per RFE

  • Dedicated Attorney
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Online status checks


10-19 H-1Bs


each, $100 per RFE

  • Dedicated Attorney
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Online status checks


20+ H-1Bs


each & FREE RFEs

  • Dedicated Attorney/s
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Online status checks

How are we able to offer this?

Although case denials and requests for evidence (RFEs) are at an all-time high, OnlineVisas can still confidently offer the lowest enterprise pricing for H-1B visas thanks to our uniquely effective and efficient approach to visa processing.

Proven "Winning Strategies" are built right into the platform

The OnlineVisas Platform helps your attorney to identify the key strategic questions for each case up-front and then proactively to address all potential challenges with tried and true "winning strategies" prior to submission.

Our library of winning strategies is constantly kept up-to-date using the latest case law, agency appeals, decisions, RFEs, policy, and regulations. This dramatically reduces the number of RFEs and denials, keeping OnlineVisas ahead of the rest of the world.

A platform that actually reads and parses information from your uploaded documents

This is the only visa preparation platform that allows you to initiate the process by having stakeholders simply upload a range documents, such as passports, IDs, and even job specifications and entire résumés.

The AI-powered platform will intelligently parse your documents to pull out the key information, which automatically the case, which means no more lengthy questionnaires or duplication of data entry, saving significant time.

The most comprehensive visa petition package available anywhere today

The OnlineVisas platform builds the most comprehensive visa petition in the industry, complete with a full-color, professionally-designed magazine style legal brief that presents the evidence and case analysis required for approval, all backed up with winning strategies.

Not only that, the system will automatically generate all the required immigration forms plus any of 100+ supporting documents to support your cases, ranging from employment letters and expert letters to business plans, all based on templates carefully prepared by immigration attorneys.

Combined with the market-leading immigration legal service

The process of preparing visa petitions has always been time-consuming and costly... until now!

OnlineVisas combines our market-leading legal service with powerful new technology to deliver a higher rate of approvals and does it more efficiently than traditional immigration law firms can achieve.

Our more efficient process means we can pass those savings on to you!

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