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Changes to H-1B Visa Assessment - What You Need To Know To Get Your H1B Visa Application

Do NOT Submit Non-Compliant H-1B Petitions

February 27, 2018

While H-1B visa approvals have already dropped sharply from 88% in 2016 to 59% in 2017, most experts predict that percentage to drop further following new directives.

A USCIS Memo on February 22, 2018 indicates tough new requirements for filing H-1B visas (details here). The changes will particularly affect staffing companies who provide resources to work on third-party sites.

With the H-1B application window only weeks away (April 02-06, 2018), the harsh reality for your business is: if you are a staffing company do not submit 2018 H-1B petitions unless they fulfil the new criteria.

Changes to H-1B Visa process

Specifically, your petition must prove to USCIS that...

  1. the employee is employed in a specialty occupation
  2. and the employer-employee relationship is maintained for the duration of the validity period

If you fail to provide a fully compliant application, you should expect the petition to be rejected, wasting your time, money, and business opportunity until 2019.

2018 H-1B Window CLOSES in


Deadline for filing is Monday April 2, 2018 – Friday April 6, 2018.
Last day for filing LCA and 10 day notice of posting is Friday March 23rd

What You Can Do

Immediately following the latest memo, OnlineVisas and its lawyers have developed a package that gives you all the strategies, documents and arguments you need to comply fully with the new policies.

Everything is done for you. All you need to do is enter the relevant information into our online portal and the documents you need will be generated automatically in moments, including Form I-129 and a comprehensive legal Brief that sets out the complete argument.

Act Now

H-1B visa petitions for new employment must be filed in the first week of April 2018. We are still taking on companies who need to apply for this year, but you must act fast.

Contact us now for a free strategy session. One of our attorneys will be able to advise on your best course of action, and we can show you how easily the OnlineVisas can help you prepare the ideal application in a fraction of the time.