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Boost Your Chance of H-1B Success in 2020 by 61%

The current political climate is squeezing H-1B visa approvals, with the average approval rate dropping to just 59%.

So how are some employers beating the odds and getting 95% of petitions approved - a massive 61% higher than the rest of the competition?

The answer is simple. While the average approval rate dropped dramatically last year to just 59%, in the same period OnlineVisas' clients have enjoyed a massive 95% approval rate, 61% higher than the average.

How can this be possible?

Three key differences separate OnlineVisas' unique approach from regular immigration attorneys.

1. Comprehensive Legal Brief

Most immigration attorneys simply submit the minimum required forms to USCIS with a covering letter. While that approach may have been enough to achieve success in previous years, it is not enough in 2019/2020, when USCIS officers are instructed to deny more H-1B visa petitions.

In the current climate, just providing the minimum documentation is no longer enough to assure employers success in the battle for H-1B approvals.

Today, you have to go above and beyond, and give USCIS a comprehensive legal argument that proves not only why your beneficiary applicant is perfectly legal and well matched to the position -- you must make the case so watertight that it gives USCIS zero opportunity to deny it.

This is nothing new to OnlineVisas' attorneys, because it is the exact approach we have taken for decades in immigration law.

OnlineVisas' legal briefs come complete with professionally-designed cover pages

We have adopted and refined our unique approach to petitions year after year, to the point where we now outperform the market by over 60%.

Instead of the typical, plain covering letter, OnlineVisas' petitions are backed up with a full customized Legal Brief that sets out the comprehensive argument, complete with all the required references from previous case law. These documents even come complete with professionally-designed cover pages that make them stand out from the rest.

2. Full Supporting Document Package

At a minimum, USCIS require just two forms to be submitted with an H-1B application: I-129 & G-28. However, depending on the context of the Petition, the Petitioner may be required to back up their case with additional documents.

OnlineVisas typically submit at least eleven documents as part of an H-1B Petition, that's in addition to the comprehensive and extensive Legal Brief. Our H-1B package may include one or more of each of the following...

  • Offers of Employment with appropriate job titles, duties, terms and salaries
  • Employment Agreements
  • Performance Evaluations that indicate oversight and right to control 
  • Employee Handbook indicating right to control and supervisory issues
  • Itinerary indicating duties, term & right to control
  • Statements of Work indicating scope of work, parties, duties, terms, right to control 
  • Master Services Agreements indicating relationships with clients and vendors
  • Organizational Charts indicating hierarchy of company and supervisory positions 
  • Expert and industry letters discussing positions, requirements, standards of employment and backgrounds necessary for positions

The fact is, when USCIS are actively looking for reasons to deny a Petition, failing to provide even one piece of supporting documentation could result in immediate denial. Because all our clients' success matters to us, that is not a risk we are prepared to take... and in 2019 that approach clearly paid off.

It might seem that putting together such a complete package of documents could take more work, driving up the costs of a case, but our proprietary platform will produce all the documentation in moments. See below for more information.

3. Online Collaboration Platform

OnlineVisas have led the industry in using smart technology to increase efficiency of legal services and bring down the costs of services.

When other law firms are still dependent on email to collate the necessary information from multiple stakeholders, OnlineVisas has spent the last few years innovating, which has resulted in our Gateway platform, the first 24/7 online platform that not only lets stakeholders collaborate to bring together all the required information rapidly, but will also generate our complete document package in a matter of seconds!

For the first time, Gateway allows the full team to collaborate 24/7 on cases, from anywhere in the world. Now, corporate sponsors, beneficiaries, expert referrals, and other stakeholders can work in parallel to complete the necessary information collection in record time. Now, your team can discuss the case, input required data, and even securely share files, from practically any device anywhere in the world.

This revolutionary platform minimizes the time and cost of attorneys and paralegals, keeping costs no higher than regular immigration firms, even though OnlineVisas delivers a far higher amount and quality of documentation.

Plus, as soon as the required information is complete, the entire document package is generated, stored, and printed for immediate submission.

Get the OnlineVisas Advantage

Many businesses rely on bringing in expert talent in order to compete. Why would any employer choose a 59% chance of success when they could enjoy the peace-of-mind and financial benefits that 95% success rate brings?

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